New DesktopCatcher Software Updates

New DesktopCatcher Software Updates

It’s been a while now since my last blog post in regards to the software updates. The last post I made was when Version 6.0 came out in January and since Version 6.3 was just released a little while ago, I figured it was time to give everyone some specifics on what’s been happening over the past month and a half. There have been allot of changes happening and the software is continuing to grow with the number of options it has to offer everyone! Below I’ll give you a nice little overview on all the updates which have taken place since my last post back when Version 6.0 came out.

Version 6.1 – This update was actually pretty big because it included a new tool all the SEO users can take advantage of. The Bulk Anchor Text Checker allows you to load a list of backlinks and quickly pull the anchor text for any desired URL across those pages. Along with that, there were some issues fixed with drop catching .RU domains using the ResellerClub API. Finally, I also added the ability to start drop catching .UK domains through the DynaDot API.

Version 6.2 – The 6.2 update was only needed to resolve a major bug that was causing a lag while the software loaded. There weren’t any other updates included with this version.

Version 6.3 – This would be the latest and most up to date version. The 6.3 update was a major one that included a variety of new things. First off, a powerful new registrar (Gandi) has been added which will help users increase their odds of catching more domains. You can read about how to get Gandi setup Here. One reason Gandi is so powerful is because this API will automatically run on up to 10 simultaneous connections. To go along with that, changes were also made to improve the One-by-One and Bulk Availability Checker features as well. Finally, we removed the GoDaddy/WildWestDomains API because they no longer allow drop catching.

As you can see, there have already been three new updates pushed in the last month and a half so we’re off to a great start in 2015. As always, we’re constantly looking for new tools and registrars to get implement into DesktopCatcher. Your licensed copy includes free lifetime updates so if you don’t already own one then consider purchasing today to start taking full advantage!

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