New Version Released (v5.6)

New Version Released (v5.6)

A new version of DesktopCatcher has just been rolled out for all users. Although I was hoping to get a few more changes put in before this update, there were a few reasons it had to get pushed early. This was a rather small update so there won’t be any changes for most of you. However, there are some bigger plans coming soon so please keep an eye out in the near future! Here are the new updates you can expect to see in this Version 5.6 release:

Hexonet Disabled – After speaking with Hexonet more about their terms of use with drop catching, I’ve decided to disable them from any future use. They will soon be completely removed from the software, but as of now you will find that they are completely unusable. Don’t worry though – Other registrars are already lined up to take their place!

Updates to Save Successful – The Save Successful feature now gives you a little bit more information. When you successfully catch a domain and choose to save that information to a local file on your computer – it will now include both the domain you caught, plus the date and time you caught it.

Fixed Preset Button Bug – There was a small bug with the Preset Buttons and that has now been fixed.

That about covers all the new changes within the v5.6 update. As I mentioned a little earlier, be sure to check back at this blog soon for some more details and information about the upcoming Version 5.7 release. I guarantee it’s going to be a good one!

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