New Version Released (v3.4)

New Version Released (v3.4)

Users should continue to see great success drop catching domain names with the latest version of DesktopCatcher! Version 3.4 includes some pretty big changes which I think will help all users catch more COM and NET domains. I would also like to point out that this is our third update so far this month! For those of you who have not already purchased a copy of DesktopCatcher then now is the time to do so! The game of domain drop catching is always changing and our software is constantly updated to stay competitive and keep your odds of successfully registering more domains the highest. By purchasing your copy of DesktopCatcher today you will receive free updates for life! Now, let me highlight what you can expect to see in the latest version of our drop catching software.

One-by-One Feature – The one-by-one feature is something you may have seen in other drop catchers on the market. This feature works with all enabled NameSilo accounts and will focus on just one domain at a time. If you load a list of COM/NET domains and enable at least one NameSilo account along with the One-by-One feature then our software will automatically arrange your domains into the exact order they will be dropping in. Next, the software tries to register only the first domain until you or someone else has caught it. Then, it moves to the second domain and focuses only on that domain – trying to register it until you or someone else has caught it. This feature works great because it arranges your domains in the proper drop order and only focuses on one at a time, as opposed to going through the entire list one after the other.

Changes to DynaDot Thread – We are continuing to make adjustments and tweak the DynaDot thread. Users should notice a change in both speed and performance when using the DynaDot thread now.

Sweden (.SE) Support for rrpProxy – The rrpProxy API now supports the Sweden (.SE) extension. Keep in mind, you can only chase expired .SE domains if you are a European resident. You will also need to provide both an ID number and a VAT id.

As always, stay tuned to our blog for more details coming soon about the next 3.5 update. We’re constantly working to make our software faster to catch our users more dropped domains. If you have any questions about this update or anything else then please let us know and we’ll be happy to assist!

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