That Other Extension.. The .Net

That Other Extension.. The .Net

This post is going to highlight some of the advantages to drop catching .NET domains. It might even convince some of you to always remember and check that other extension when you’re searching and filtering through your daily lists of Pending Delete domains. Before I get too far in depth I think that it’s important to point out this post isn’t really meant for newbies in the domaining industry. Those of you who are new to this industry should really try to stay away from anything that isn’t a dot-com. The reason I say this is because in all of my experience .COM domains have always been the easiest to sell. Whether it’s in an end user environment or a reseller environment. If you’re new and want to watch your spending it’s better to catch only a few decent .COM domains that you can flip for more investment money as opposed to getting into less-popular extensions that may be harder to sell in a short period of time.

Now that I have that out of the way, if you have experience selling domains in other extensions aside from dot-Com, or if you prefer to build a portfolio of quality domains in other extensions, you should really consider making the .NET a part of your every day search activities. Just this month sold for $39,000 on Afternic! Believe me, there are buyers out there who like .NET and there are handfuls of good ones deleting each day. You would be surprised by how many that have just about every other major extension already taken (and sometimes developed). Here are just a few nice .NET domains that will be dropping over the next few days alone:

Every single one of the domains listed above has decent potential and buyers out there. Those were just a few I came across. Don’t believe me? Just Google the names (Without the extension) and you’ll see for yourself. Remember that many .Net domains will have much less competition for drop catching and backordering. This means your odds of catching good quality .net domains increase greatly with our software. I’m confident that .Net sales are still going strong and some of the current .Net domain sales for 2013 seam to back that theory. Check them out: ($10,000) Sedo ($7,800) Afternic ($4,188) Afternic ($3,750) Sedo ($3,000) Afternic ($3,000) Afternic ($2,800) Sedo ($2,722) Afternic ($2,588) Afternic ($2,588) Afternic ($1,552) Afternic

That’s just 11 of the top sales this year so far. I could continue to go on but I think this proves my point. End user related .Net domains are selling! These may not sell as quickly or easily as a .COM, but then again – they might! Take advantage of less competition and consider going after some quality .Net domains every once in a while. It may pay off in the long run!

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