New Version Released (v2.7)

New Version Released (v2.7)

I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t really had a chance to get this blog post put online. Therefor, this news is actually a few days old. Anyways, it brings me great pleasure to announce the official release of DesktopCatcher version 2.7. This new version brings a few minor changes to three of the registrars. You can learn some more about these new updates below.

Changes to DynaDot Thread – With so many domainers using the DynaDot API for drop catching these days, on occasion their system gets busy and takes longer to respond to some requests. Our new changes help to manage this and work better with their API.
Changes to Moniker Thread – There was a bug discovered within the Moniker thread and we patched that up. The Moniker thread is now working much faster.
Changes to GoDaddy Thread – Changes were made specifically to the GoDaddy(A) thread and will only impact users who are taking advantage of the new “F” option.

We expect some good things to come from all three registrars with these new changes. As always, we’re trying to make DesktopCatcher the fastest API drop catcher available. New development is continuing with both the WhoIs Drop Catcher and some other new registrars we are implementing. Check back soon for more posts about the continued progress of our domain drop catching software!

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