New ‘WhoIs Check’ Feature

New ‘WhoIs Check’ Feature

The latest version of DesktopCatcher (Version 2.9) comes with yet another great feature that you just won’t find in any other domain drop catching script or software out on the market today! The new ‘WhoIs Check’ option gives our customers the ability to have DesktopCatcher look at the WhoIs after each request is sent. Once the “Creation Date” listed on the WhoIs matches that days date the domain will be automatically removed from the list and no longer checked. This means not only are domains you successfully drop catch removed and no longer checked, but domains that drop and get caught by others will be automatically removed and no longer checked as well!

This option is currently available for all registrars inside the API Drop Catcher and the GoDaddy Drop Catcher. You can choose to enable the WhoIs Check for every registrar or only registrars of your choosing. Keep in mind that this feature will only check the WhoIs record for COM/NET/NAME/TV/CC extensions. To enable the ‘WhoIs Check’ for a particular registrar just check and enable the registrar inside the software. Then, visit Settings – API Settings – REGISTRAR and then click the ‘WhoIs Check’ option. That’s it!

What really makes this new feature so powerful is that you have the ability to automatically remove taken domains on the fly. Why waste time checking the availability and attempting to register a domain that was already registered a half hour ago? By enabling this new feature the domain will be automatically removed from your drop catching list right after it gets registered and more requests will get sent to domains that haven’t yet dropped! Along with that, this latest feature will give customers the ability to add even more domains to their daily drop list without the worry of sending less requests to each particular domain.

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