Developing an Expired Domain for SEO

Developing an Expired Domain for SEO

People who drop catch expired domains for SEO purposes often find themselves working overtime when trying to analyze and research potential gems. Sometimes they find themselves so busy developing a plan or strategy for finding and catching the names, they forget to come up with a good plan on what to do after they’ve successfully registered one or two of them. This causes problems because people will quickly register a boat load of decent domains, only to have a majority of them sit around and collect dust instead of providing any revenue or real value. That’s why I’ve put this post together for everyone today! Below I’ve listed a good website development strategy that you might want to consider following with some of those expired SEO domains you just recently registered. Consider taking one of your expired domain names and building it using the procedure listed below. Then, see how it performs over the next few months after some work and time has been put into it!

Problem and Niche Identification – The first step is to think about what you’re going to be putting on your newly registered domain. Think about passions you have and things you are extremely knowledgeable over. You’re going to be writing regular content for this website so it needs to be something you can easily write about on a regular basis.

Proper Keyword Research – Once you’ve come up with a niche you will need to begin researching what keyphrases you want to try and target. Search online and find a tool which will tell you how many times different keyphrases are searched. Try your main niche topic and see what longer keyphrases come up. For example, if your main keyword was “student loan” then you may want to try targeting keyphrases like “student loan debt” or “student loan calculator.” Since these keyphrases are longer and have fewer searches, there is likely less competition for them.

Write Unique Quality Content – Now that you’ve got your niche picked out and your keyphrases selected, you need to being writing unique content pages for your site. You should focus on having a few pages dedicated to different keyphrases and a blog that is regularly updated with other information relative to your niche. For example, if your main keyphrase was “student loan calculator” then you may want a separate page dedicated to the keyphrase “student loan interest rates” and a third page dedicated to the keyphrase “student loan finance.” You would then want to create weekly or monthly blog posts talking about other news and information in the student loan industry. This now gives you multiple pages targeting multiple keywords, all which get lots of searches.

Build an Authoritative Website – The next portion of this procedure involves setting up your website and putting it all together. Install a content management script like WordPress on your expired domain and then find a nice unique theme to make it pretty. Once WordPress is installed and your theme is activated you should consider adding good SEO plugins like SEO Ultimate. Take the content you wrote in the previous step and begin adding that to your website as well. In the end you should have a nice WordPress site that now has three or four different pages of unique content, all targeting three or four different keyphrases.

Create Some 301 Redirects – The process of 301 redirecting a domain is to take all of one domain names authority (or juice), and then redirect all of it to another domain. This step is important because it can deliver some immediate link juice into your new website which will get the ball rolling. You shouldn’t overdue the number of domain redirects you have going to your website so I recommend capping it at around five. Pick out 5 of your best expired domains which are currently undeveloped. Go into the registrar and setup a 301 redirect on each of them to your newly developed website and that’s it!

Monetize Site With Targeted CPA Offers – Another extremely important step is to get your website monetized with the proper ads. Join an affiliate network like MaxBounty or a pay-per click network like Google Adsense to start finding banners you can put on your site. Be sure to keep any affiliate banners closely related to your niche. If you’re site is about web hosting then you shouldn’t have affiliate banners advertising a dating website. Instead, they should be affiliate banners for web hosting and web design companies.

Begin Promotional Techniques – Your now to the point you need to start focusing on promoting your newly developed website. The main idea behind website promotion is to build good quality incoming links to your website. These incoming links will drip some of their authority over to your website which is exactly what you should be wanting. Use methods like blog commenting, guest posting, Web 2.0 link pyramids, and article submissions to increase the number of pages out there which are linking back to your site. You can often buy these services on marketplaces like iverr to have other people create them for you. Just remember, do not build too many links too quickly. This looks like spam to search engines and can hurt you more than help you. Similar to the content writing in step 3, you should focus on building incoming links gradually over time. Like writing content, this is something you only need to focus on occasionally throughout the month. Don’t try adding 50 or 100 new incoming links every single day, it looks bad!

Repeat Steps 3 and 7 – The biggest tasks are now behind you. Your website is developed with WordPress, has unique content, is monetized with proper affiliate ads, and has started to be promoted around the web. Now the only thing you need to do is maintain it! Try to keep adding new content on a regular basis, at least two or three times per month. Do the same with your website marketing as well. As you continue building content and links over time, your website traffic has only one way to go and that’s upward! Unique content and backlinks are keys to success.

I’m confident the website building procedure I’ve provided you with above can help take a freshly registered expired domain, and get it ranking in the search engines with at least some revenue in return! Keep in mind, it won’t happen automatically. This strategy takes time and will require some work and involvement on your end. It’ll be worth it later on when you’re making good monthly revenue!

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