New Version Released (v3.0)

New Version Released (v3.0)

We didn’t want our official v3.0 release to be anything less than stellar. That’s why this latest update contains some pretty amazing features that we think everyone will be able to take advantage of! Getting a copy of this latest update is simple; Just open your copy of DesktopCatcher now and you will be automatically prompted to continue with the update. So, lets jump right into the new changes you can expect to see in version 3!

RRPproxy API Now Active – The RRPproxy API Drop Catcher has now been completed and is available for everyone to activate and use. Keep in mind, RRPproxy only accepts business accounts so individuals won’t have the ability to use them. Learn more about RRPproxy inside this post.

Run up to 3 NameSilo API Keys – You now have the ability to run one, two or even three different NameSilo API Keys. Each NameSilo account includes 1 API key so you will need multiple accounts. Keep in mind, NameSilo does not allow you to deposit funds using the same payment method across multiple accounts. For example, if you deposit into one NameSilo account through your PayPal account then you won’t be able to deposit into another NameSilo account using that same PayPal account.

We’re not just stopping there! As always, there are even more new features that are currently in development. You can expect to see another new update of our domain drop catching software in the very near future.

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