New Version Released (v5.7)

New Version Released (v5.7)

It’s been a little over one month since the previous update was pushed out. Now, Version 5.7 is available and there are some nice new tweaks and features in this one. Some of these new changes should improve your success rates, especially if you run the GoDaddy API!

Bug Fix in IDN Drop Catcher – There was a small bug with the language option inside the IDN Drop Catcher. That has been fixed.

Bug Fix in Search Deleted Domains – There was a small bug with some foreign users trying to use the Search Deleted Domains feature. This has now been fixed!

NameCheap Added to Bulk Availability Checker – Those of you who take advantage of the Bulk Availability Checker can now use it to check domains with the NameCheap API!

Added One-by-One to GoDaddy and – The one-by-one feature is extremely useful when drop catching COM/NET domains. Users can now use this with both GoDaddy and InternetBS!

Updates to One-by-One Feature – There were some other small tweaks done to the one-by-one feature as well.

As always, there are still other new features and tools being added. Another update will be out next month so be sure to check back on our blog soon for more updates about Version 5.8 and when it will be released. If you haven’t already, purchase your copy of DesktopCatcher and start grabbing more quality expired domains today!

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