New Version Release (v4.4)

New Version Release (v4.4)

It’s been just over one month exactly since the last update of DesktopCatcher was released. We thought that was a little long, so guess what? Version 4.4 is out now and can be updated by all current customers anytime!

This latest release comes with some big updates that I think is going to help almost everyone using the software! Whether you chase gTLD’s or ccTLD’s this update will most likely effect you. Check out the new features below..

Added .CH, .FR, and .DE to Hexonet – More and more users have been drop catching .FR and .DE domains lately. Now you have another registrar you can add to the list and fire up to increase your odds of drop catching more expired .CH, .DE, and .FR domain names!
Changes to DynaDot Thread – Although we have just about resolved all issues with people experiencing a 10 minute ban issue, there were still some reports coming in. There have now been some more adjustments to the DynaDot thread and it should resolve all 10 minute ban issues.
Added Custom Pause to rrpProxy and Hexonet – This feature is perfect for those of you who chase extensions which may drop at random times throughout the day. You can set your own custom pause limits for these two registrars so you aren’t sending too many requests.
Fixed FR issue with rrpProxy – The France extension wasn’t working properly in rrpProxy. This has now been fixed.
Added GoDaddy2(B-E) Threads – The second GoDaddy account previously ran on just 1 thread. This has now been adjusted to run a maximum of 5 threads.

As always, check back soon for more new updates and details about our drop catching software. Happy domaining!

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