Catching ccTLD’s with ResellerClub

Catching ccTLD’s with ResellerClub

This post is for all users who plan on drop catching certain ccTLD domains with ResellerClub. If you currently use DesktopCatcher and plan to drop catch .CA, .UK, .EU, .CN, or .NL domain extensions with ResellerClub then we recommend you read through this article. Not following these instructions will prevent any of your ccTLD domains from being registered!

Before I get started, if you don’t already have your ResellerClub account setup then it’s important you refer to this article and follow the instructions to get that done. It’s important that you understand the difference between your Main ResellerClub account and your Customer ResellerClub account which you will need to setup inside your main ResellerClub account.

1) When initially setting up ResellerClub inside our software you needed to create a customer account. You will need to visit and login to your customer account. If you’re unsure how to login please refer to Step 5 in the link above.

2) Once inside the customer account you will want to hover over Settings, select Domain Specifics and then Contacts Management.

3) You should now be taken to your contacts page. If you’ve already used ResellerClub in the past then you should already have a general contact listed here. Below is a screenshot of sample contacts.

ResellerClub Contact ID

4) Notice the ‘Add New’ link in the top right corner. Click that.

5) This is where you must pay close attention. The very first option is a drop down labeled Contact Type. Choose the appropriate contact type for the extension you are interested in and proceed to fill in the other required details.

That’s it! You have now just created a new contactID for your desired ccTLD. Keep this contactID handy because you will need to change it inside DesktopCatcher depending on what kind of domains you are chasing. For example, anytime you plan on chasing general domains such as COM, NET, ORG..etc. You will want to the contactID shown for your General Contact. If you plan on chasing a list of .NL domains you will need to open DesktopCatcher and visit Settings -> API Settings -> ResellerClub -> Key and replace your general contactID with your new NL contactID. You can easily tell which is which by looking under the Contact Type under Contacts Management.

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