Setting Up ResellerClub inside DesktopCatcher

Setting Up ResellerClub inside DesktopCatcher

This article will show you how to quickly setup ResellerClub inside the DesktopCatcher software. The process for getting your ResellerClub API details ready to go can be a little confusing, mostly because ResellerClub will require three different ID numbers to work properly. Don’t worry though! We will walk you through it step by step and have you chasing domain names with the ResellerClub API in no time!

Note: Anytime an Email Address is required please make sure you are using an email address that you have access to.

Step 1) The first step to getting DesktopCatcher ready to run ResellerClub is to open DesktopCatcher and then go to Settings – API Settings – ResellerClub – API. At the same time, open a browser and login to your ResellerClub reseller account.

Step 2) The first required parameter is your Reseller ID. This can be found by clicking the small profile icon above the orange “Buy” button on your top right hand side. Once you click the profile icon you will see your email address. Directly below that is your Reseller Id. Copy this and paste it into the ResellerClub settings.

Step 3) The next required parameter is your API Key. While logged into your ResellerClub reseller account, hover over Settings and select API. You will now see your API key. Do not forget to set your IP address into the Whitelist your IP Addresses setting below your API key. Once this has been done, copy your API key and paste it into the DesktopCatcher ResellerClub settings.

Step 4) The next required parameter is your Customer ID. To get this you must first create a customer account. While logged into ResellerClub hover over Customers and then select Add. Once the account has been created and saved hover over Customers again and then select List. You should now see your new customer account and the Customer ID associated with it. Copy that customer ID and paste it into the DesktopCatcher ResellerClub settings. While on the Customer List page inside ResellerClub you will need to add some “imaginary” funds into your customers account. Although you’ve deposited real funds into your main reseller account, your customer account will need to have funds added to it to pay for the registrations. Keep in mind, your customer account can never spend more than you have in your main reseller account! To do this, simply click on your Customers name in the list. Next, click the Add Funds button near the top of the page. Click Continue and then enter in a dollar amount. Remember, these are imaginary funds and you can never spend more than what you have in your main reseller account. With that in mind, I recommend putting in an amount like 50000.00 here so you won’t have to worry about doing it again (for a while, at least!) Enter a description like “For drop catching” and a transaction key like “12345” and press Submit. You’re now ready to move onto the next step!

Step 5) The next required parameter is probably the most complicated, the Contact ID. To get this you will need to open the email account for the customer you just created in Step 4. When you created the customer account in Step 4 an email was sent to that email address. That email contains a unique customer login link so you can login into the customer account (not the reseller account). Once inside the customer account you will want to hover over Settings, select Domain Specifics and then Contacts Management. Here you will need to click Add New and once again setup a new contact (using the same details from Step 4). Once this new contact has been added refresh the page and you will see the Contact ID. Copy that and paste it into the ResellerClub settings.

Step 6) The final step is to enter in two valid nameservers. The nameservers can be anything but they must be valid! For example, and work just fine – but and would not work and would throw back an error, unsuccessfully catching any domains. Once those have been entered you can choose to Enabled Privacy Protection and then click Save Details.

That’s it! You’ve now just successfully setup ResellerClub with DesktopCatcher. You’re ready to start drop catching domains into your ResellerClub account. Don’t forget, you will need to pre-pay some funds into your main reseller account before drop catching. Once funds are added into your main reseller account they will automatically update into your customer account as well. It is not neccessary to fund both your reseller account and your customer account! If you have any other questions or issues then please contact us.

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