Tip: Selling Domains to End Users

Tip: Selling Domains to End Users

While some domain investors prefer to sit on their domains and wait for offers to come in, I’m more about being proactive and finding potential buyers myself. Let’s face it, if you’re domain isn’t premium enough to sell for five figures or more then it probably isn’t going to have many offers coming in without proactive marketing. There might still be plenty of buyers out there who would take that domain off your hands. But, first they need to know that it’s for sale. One big thing domainers need to remember is that most end users have busy lives. They aren’t out trying different two and three word combinations to find something they might wanna buy. From my personal experience, end users will usually buy a domain in the heat of the moment because it’s something they like. It might even be a domain they never thought to try and register before. If you want to start making domain sales then it’s time to get proactive and stop parking your names hoping someone will make you an offer. You need to park your domains and then write up a short email that states your domain is for sale. Use the tips below when writing your email and it will help make it stand out to potential end users and may even increase your sales ratio!

Note: Remember to price your domains accordingly. Most end users spend between low-mid $XXX on domains. The goal behind flipping domain names to end users is for moving inventory quickly to continue investing and buying more domains!

Personalize Your Email – Be sure to include the persons name, company domain, and/or business name in the email. Copy and Paste is good to an extent, but you have to reference that this email is meant specifically for the end user. This will help make sure your email reaches the actual decision maker and isn’t marked as spam!

Refer to a Product or Service They Sell – This is also important and goes along with email customization. By referring to their name and/or business along with what they sell, it lets them know you aren’t trying to spam them. Not only did you find them, but you obviously read some information about their business and what they sell as well. This builds buyer confidence and can impact the end users decision!

Include Your Name/Email/Phone Number – This goes along with the buyer confidence I was just talking about. By providing your full name, email, and phone number it shows them that you have nothing to hide. It lets them know you’re a real person and they can call you if they don’t believe so. This is a huge confidence builder and your emails should definitely include this information!

Don’t Include Links – Links can often get filtered as spam. Not only that, with viruses and identity theft big these days most end users don’t trust clicking on a link right away. First, establish communication with them. Once you get a conversation going they will be much more likely to click and visit an auction for the domain!

Here is a good sample email you could use: Sample End User Email

The final step is finding the right end users to send your newly customized sales email to. I suggest using the following methods to find good potential end users.

Google/Yahoo – Search engines are one of the best ways to find end users. Domains like “ChicagoPlumber.com” or “AutoSales.com” can easily bring up hundreds of relevant results for you to begin contacting. It’s always important to check both search engines because they can return different results. You may find a website on page 1 or 2 of Yahoo that doesn’t rank in the top 10 of Google.

Other Extensions – It’s common to find someone with your same name in the .NET or .ORG version who wants to make a deal on your .COM version. Same works with other extensions. If your domain is both taken and developed in other extensions I would contact those parties first as they may be most interested.

Use these tips and tricks above to create a well written sales email and then start looking for relevant end users that might want to purchase. Get proactive and send good quality emails as opposed to high quantity. Assuming your domains are of decent quality, your emails are targeted, and your pricing is fair – you should definitely begin to see more sales and revenue as a result of this! Happy domaining.

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