Domain Investment Ideas for Fall 2015

Domain Investment Ideas for Fall 2015

This year has been a great one when it comes to new domain trends. Especially for those using software like DesktopCatcher! Allot has happened throughout the industry within the last year and there are all kinds of new investments you can think about getting into and have success with using our software. But, good trends constantly grow and in time the number of domains which fit the requirements will decrease significantly. If you want to have the most success with our software then it’s important you get in on these trends early! Before listing out some of my favorite ideas, I want to go over some of what has been happening this year first.

One of the biggest changes to occur in the past year would be the number of Chinese buyers whom have entered the market. Not only has this increased the overall value on numeric domains, but it’s also increased the value on short names that contain letters which might not be considered “premium” or commonly used to Westerners (such as the letters Z and X). Another big thing we’ve seen in 2015 was an increase in three letter .COM ( sales. The huge spike in domains earlier this year caused the demand for four letter .COM domains to also take a nice jump in value. To go along with those, short numeric domain sales have also skyrocketed. It wasn’t long ago when you could buy five number domains (such as for low-mid $XX. In less than a year the value on those same domains has now gone into the three figures. Although the four letter .COM ( market has always remained strong since the buyout which occurred a few years ago, some were still really hard to sell. Those same domains are now selling for mid-high $XX minimum. So, which new trends can you get into now for registration fee and then *hopefully* flip for at least mid-high $XX less than a year from now? Have a look at the different ideas below and consider chasing after some yourself. You may find that you have good success and by getting to these early, you should be able to at least double your money when people can only place backorders for them in the future!

Six Number .COM Domains ( – The current going rate for a 3 number .COM is around $35,000. Four and five number COM domains rarely become expired anymore, but when they do all of them are immediately snatched up by the biggest backorder companies out there like DropCatch and NameJet. Even those will sell in the four and five figure ranges pretty quickly. This trend shows that six number .COM’s which contain good numbers are also well worth the registration fee it will cost to drop catch them yourself. In fact, the best six number .COM ( domains sometimes get backordered as well. Numeric domains are mainly for the Chinese and the Chinese are picky with which numbers they want. 1,2,3,5,7,8,9 are the best numbers you can go for when it comes to any Chinese numeric domain. Also, repeating letters (such as 299937) are always good. Most six number .COM domains that contain only Chinese premium numbers will easily resell for $20+ right now.

Four Letter .NET Domains ( – One of the newest trends which I’ve come across started last month when it was announced on NamePros here and here that one Chinese company went out and purchased all available Chinese premium four letter .NET domains. Once this news was announced people began drop catching whichever Chinese premiums dropped from them on. That’s still happening today, only now some of these names are also getting backordered through the big companies. Chinese premium (No A,E,I,O,U,V) four letter .NET domains are currently all taken and the demand is growing. Other users are having good success at catching them with our software and right now is a great time to be buying what you can. Any that is all Chinese premium letters will resell for around $15-$20 right now.

Three Letter .IN Domains ( – The three letter .IN buyout has been in place for some time now. It’s not very often when someone gets the chance to hand register a three letter .IN ( domain anymore. However, lots of people do have success drop catching them with our software! Since all domains currently taken the minimum reseller value on them is easily in the $10-$15 range. Not bad considering many registrars will let you get these for around $5 or $6 each. You don’t see many “all premium” domains dropping anymore and the overall number of them to drop each month has also decreased. These are getting harder and harder to catch and could pickup some good value over the next year or two. Fewer and fewer will begin to expire so everyone will need to buy them via the reseller market!

Three Letter .CO Domains ( – July was an excellent month to invest in three letter .CO domains. Many registrars were running $5.99 promotions and throughout the month we saw the total number of available three letter .CO ( domains drop from over 500 to just over 100. That’s right. As of right now in total there are only about 100 total domains which are still available to register by hand. All of what is left contains poor letters, but still likely worth the $5.99 registration fee they would have cost you last month. If you want to drop catch these then it’s best to chase for names that only contain Western premium (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,L,M,N,O,P,R,S,T) or Chinese premium (No A,E,I,O,U,V) letters in them because those are the highest in demand. Still, the buyout is coming and that makes almost all of them a good investment for the future (if the registration costs are cheap enough). But, don’t expect quick returns on domains which have poor letters.

Listed above are just a few of the best trends I think you can get into throughout the rest of this year. If you’re looking for domains that you can go out and catch for registration free and then most likely make a decent return on in the near future, these would be some good ideas. Keep in mind, you can’t register many of these domains by hand. Although the demand hasn’t reached a stage for all of them to get backordered with big companies like DropCatch, some already do and the rest are caught by people using software like DesktopCatcher. Buy your copy right now and review upcoming domains that are dropping with the requirements listed above. Then, load them into the software and attempt to drop catch them on their listed drop date. You’ll probably be surprised at the success which you will have. Best of all, most of these domains could instantly be flipped to other resellers for around double what you paid to register them. Which makes them an even safer investment!

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