Five Free Web Hosts for SEO

Five Free Web Hosts for SEO

One key factor that plays a role in search engine optimization would be backlinks. For those who do not know, backlinks are links which point back to your website from another website. When search engines see a number of other websites linking back to yours, then your content is most likely good and important. This is exactly what helps you outrank your competitors. Incoming links play a key role in SEO! Some of our users like to drop catch domains and then develop those names to use them for linking purposes. One issue many webmasters run into with this is getting all those domains hosted on separate IP addresses. This brings up another important factor; You don’t want (or need) too many links coming into your website from the same server IP address. Ideally, you want to get lots of good quality links coming into your site from a variety of different domains and IP addresses around the web.

To get around this, many webmasters will do a few things. First, they will go out and buy cheap hosting plans around the web and use those to host some of their caught domains. The second (and cheaper) option is to use different web hosting providers that offer free hosting. When using the second method it’s good to use providers that allow you to place ads on the site, but at the same time they don’t place their own ads on your website. It’s also ideal to find free hosting providers who use cPanel because this will make it easy if you ever need to move the website over to a different hosting provider. I’ve decided to go out and do some of the work for you. Below are five different web hosts which are free. All providers use different IP addresses which is better for you!


All of the free web hosts above have easy to use control panels and most offer one-click WordPress installations! Keep in mind, when using a free web host your options are usually much more limited. Keep the different themes, plugins, and other addons to a minimum. Ideally, you would be using DesktopCatcher to drop catch expired domains which have good DA/PA/TF/PR/MozRank and other metrics. You would then take these domains and host them on the different providers I listed above. Finally, you would develop extremely basic blogs on them with completely unique content that occasionally contains a link back to your money website. This is exactly how you use our software and free hosts to build a high quality blog network which generates top quality backlinks into your main websites!

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