New Version Released (v5.5)

New Version Released (v5.5)

This friendly little blog post is just to let all current users know that our latest version has just been pushed out to everyone. The next time you launch DesktopCatcher you will be prompted to update over to our latest 5.5 version. This new version was released earlier than expected because of a few bug issues. There were a few other little changes, but a few bugs were the main purpose of this new release. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see within the latest version:

Added One-by-One Feature to eNom – This new feature will help those of you who use eNom for catching COM/NET domains. Similar to DynaDot, NameSilo, and many of the other API Drop Catcher registrars – eNom now also works with this feature!

Fixed NameSilo F-Option Bug – Those of you trying to drop catch domains using the GoDaddy Drop Catcher with NameSilo as the “F-Option” may not have been having much luck. There was a small bug with this and that has now been fixed.

Adjustments to DynaDot Bulk Checker – Some users were getting a “null reference” error when using DynaDot with the Bulk Domain Availability Checker. This bug has now been fixed and you should no longer see any errors.

As always, check back on our blog or follow on Twitter to keep updated with all the latest features and updates coming out. There is plenty more in store for future updates so be sure and check back on a regular basis!

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