New Version Released (v7.1)

New Version Released (v7.1)

It’s been a little while since I last posted a blog article regarding some of the recent updates happening inside of DesktopCatcher. Now that 7.1 has just been officially released I think it’s time again! There have been tons of different changes since my last blog post when Version 6.6 was released a while ago. I’ll try and go through mostly all of the new features in more detail below.

NameBay API Added – I’m happy to announce that we’ve added another great registrar into the software! Users can now setup a NameBay reseller account and begin using them to drop catch. With a low minimum reseller deposit of just 20Euro, plus decent speeds, this registrar is definitely one to setup and enable. Learn how to setup the NameBay API Here!

Changes to the IDN Drop Catcher – Those of you who drop catch expired IDN domains should now have more success with the new changes made to this tool. Successfully registered IDN domains are now automatically removed so the software can focus more requests on your other IDN domains which haven’t dropped yet!

Changes to Existing Registrars – A number of minor changes were made to almost all existing registrars currently inside the software. These new adjustments should help improve overall success and performance across the board!

Updates to the Bulk Availability Checker – A number of minor changes were also made to the Bulk Domain Availability Checker tool over the past few updates. These new changes should make it handle both large and small lists more efficiently now!

Changes When One-by-One is Disabled – Some new tweaks were made for those of you who chase COM/NET domains with the One-by-One feature disabled. When disabled, DesktopCatcher performs automatic whois lookups on each domain when a ‘NOT AVAILABLE’ response is returned. That means that if one of your desired names gets registered by a competitor it’s automatically removed and no longer checked so that the software can begin focusing more requests on your other desired COM/NET domains which haven’t dropped yet. It’s a great new feature that should improve your success rates!

Store and Save MOZ Account Details – This change effects those of you who like using the Bulk Domain Analyzer tool. You can now save your MOZ account details so they won’t ever need to be entered again!

As always, new ideas and updates are already being tested and prepared for version 7.2! If you want to read more details about each individual software update then visit the Release Docs page. Also, be sure and come back again in the near future to read more about DesktopCatcher updates, SEO, and expired domain names in general.

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