DesktopCatcher Version 2.0 Official Release

DesktopCatcher Version 2.0 Official Release

After hours of coding and countless cans of Mountain Dew, it’s finally here! DesktopCatcher version 2.0 has been officially released and can be automatically updated by opening your current copy and following the instructions on screen. This new version contains more new features and bug fixes than originally intended. That’s a big part of why there hasn’t been any new updates within the last month. Curious what all these new features and updates are?

  • GoDaddy/WildWestDomains API Integration – Our software now gives you the ability to run the WildWestDomains reseller API and automatically drop catch domains into your WildWestDomains account. Learn how to setup this API in DesktopCatcher by viewing our article Here.
  • ResellerClub Limits Re-Added – Instead of completely removing the ResellerClub option, we’ve re-added a 1000 request daily limit to prevent users from sending too many requests each day.
  • Registrar Log Files – Although DesktopCatcher users don’t need to know about individual registrar log files, this is a new feature that will help us find new bugs and resolve support issues more quickly. This helps us assist with customers that may be having issues with individual registrars.
  • Multiple Minor Bug Fixes – There were a number of minor bug fixes that will impact all registrar threads. These fixes should improve the performance from all registrars.

This new version comes with better performance and a new API that you won’t find in any other drop catching software out there. Open your copy of DesktopCatcher now and you will be automatically prompted to upgrade. Happy Drop Catching!

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