Names Dropping Throughout the Day

Names Dropping Throughout the Day

This post doesn’t really apply to those of you drop catching gTLD domains like COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ..etc. Instead, this post is going to be important and extremely helpful to those of you drop catching ccTLD domains – specifically .FR, .DE, .NL, .RE, .PM, .TF, .WF, .YT, and the .IT extensions. Why these in specific? Well, they are the ccTLD extensions that are either currently supported by, or will be available shortly with (IT and DE) inside our software.

In some of my previous posts I discussed that wasn’t a good registrar for these extensions because they have very large drop windows and has a very low limit on the number of requests you can send each day. What I mean by large drop windows is that major extensions like COM and NET have set time-frames in which they drop each day (1 hour roughly, between 1-2PM CST). Unfortunately, some ccTLD domain extensions don’t work the same way. Domains in the Netherlands (.NL) or France (.FR) for example, drop periodically throughout the day or over a span of multiple hours. Therefor, using to catch these kinds of domains would not be a good idea because you would hit your daily request limit rather quickly, before even a half hour or so.

Well, this daily request limit can’t stop you ccTLD drop catchers now! DesktopCatcher v4.1 now gives you the option to set whatever delay you want when it comes to sending each request over to That means if you want the software to check one domain every 10 minutes; Just calculate how long 10 minutes would be into seconds and add that number into the API Settings. This feature now gives YOU the ability to control how quickly each request gets sent!

Remember, limits each account to 300 daily requests. If you plan on running the software for 6 hours you would want to calculate that out and send one request every few minutes or so. This latest feature is still in beta, but we plan on implementing it into other registrars as well. Since gTLD domains never have this problem, registrars which focus only on those extensions will probably not get this feature.

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