DesktopCatcher v5.0 Release

DesktopCatcher v5.0 Release

This latest update has been in the works for a while now. A few different road bumps were hit along the way and that’s a big part of why it’s taken so long to be released. I was previously saying that there were going to be some big updates occurring in version 5.0 and as promised, there has been a whole bundle of new tools and features added for your enjoyment! Have a look over some of the specific updates and changes that have come in version 5.0 below.

One-by-One Changes – There have been some adjustments made to the One-by-One feature which many users like taking advantage of. This features is also going to be usable with more registrars in our future updates!

New Extensions Added to WildWestDomains – The WildWestDomains thread has been updated to work with additional extensions. Those of you who deposit funds into your WildWestDomains accounts and use them for registration can now drop catch the following extensions: COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, TV, INFO, WS, BE, ME, MOBI, IN, BZ, MX, NL, ES, AG, AT, FM, GS, and CO.

Removed Some NameSilo Extensions – Since NameSilo doesn’t technically allow drop catching for extensions outside of COM/NET, we had to remove these. Users can now only drop catch COM/NET domains with the NameSilo API. We also made a few other small adjustments with the NameSilo API’s.

Custom Preset Scheduler Buttons – You can now automatically store up to 4 different scheduler times. This will allow you to automatically schedule your drops quicker and easier than before.

Added UK Extensions to rrpProxy – We’ve now added the .CO.UK, .ME.UK, and .ORG.UK extensions to the rrpProxy API. Those who use this registrar can now drop catch expired UK domains with rrpProxy.

Added the OnlineNIC Registrar – Our latest version brings the introduction of a new registrar API. Users can now signup with OnlineNIC and enable them in the software to begin drop catching with them. The OnlineNIC option can also take advantage of the One-by-One feature!

Bulk Domain Availability Checker – This feature was highly requested by some users who have large lists of domains they wanted to check availability on. Open the Bulk Domain Availability Checker tool inside DesktopCatcher and quickly check the availability of a small or large list of domains. It Currently supports the following extensions: COM – NET – TV – CC. More will be added to this tool in future updates!

Although this software continues to get better and better with each update, we’re not done yet! Now that v5.0 is out it’s time to get cracking on v5.1 and I hope to have that update pushed out soon. More new registrars are coming (with more ccTLD support as well) along with some other helpful tools and features. If you haven’t already picked up your copy of DesktopCatcher then now is the time to do so! Those of you who are already using this powerful tool to register your desired expired domains automatically each day, feel free to contact us and let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see added.

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