New Version Released (v6.5)

New Version Released (v6.5)

It’s been about one month or so since the last update for DesktopCatcher was pushed out to the public. There have been some new tweaks and fixes with different things since then and I’m happy to say that the new latest version (6.5) has now just been released! Current customers should be automatically prompted to update next time they launch the application. Here are what new features you can expect to see within the latest version 6.5 of DesktopCatcher:

Updates to Bulk Availability/MOZ Checker Tools – I’ve made a few different changes to the Bulk Domain Availability Checker and Bulk Domain MOZ Checker tools. These should both run a little faster and more smooth now.

Updates to the One-by-One Feature – I previously wrote a blog post Here about some changes NameSilo made to their system. I also said this would definitely have an impact on the One-by-One feature. After some testing and brainstorming, I’ve now made some changes to this feature which should make it extremely powerful to use again.

New Extension Added into RRPproxy API – A request was made to add the ability for drop catching .WALES domains with rrpProxy. This extension has now been added and can be caught using the rrpProxy API.

Cool New Tweak to the Scheduler Option – Anytime you have the scheduler enabled, a time will be displayed inside the log box which will let users know how long they have (in minutes) before it will start running.

If you don’t already use this software for drop catching expired domain names then you’re missing out! New updates and features are always being released so stop hesitating and order your copy today!

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