New Version Released (v3.5)

New Version Released (v3.5)

We’re starting off December with a fresh new update of DesktopCatcher! Version 3.5 is really a minor update and only includes a few small changes. Check them out below:

One-by-One Feature Fixes – Our newest One-by-One feature had a few bugs (as expected) and these have been ironed out. We have this latest feature running faster and smoother now!
WhoIs Featured Removed for NameSilo – Since NameSilo now tells us when the domain is registered we don’t need to use the WhoIs Check feature anymore. NameSilo does this for us automatically on each request! Since we don’t need it we removed it.
Small DynaDot Changes – We’re still working with more DynaDot changes to get it running better. These new changes will hopefully increase success rates with DynaDot!

This latest update doesn’t include and big features but it does include some pretty major updates. If you haven’t already updated your copy then simply open DesktopCatcher and you’ll be automatically prompted to update. If you haven’t already purchased your copy of DesktopCatcher then I would suggest you do so before the price goes up!

Happy Domain Drop-Catching!

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