Domain Sales in February 2015

admin February 27, 2015Domains

It’s been an active year for domain sales already, and we’re only in February! Sedo and DomainNameSales appear to be the top two brokerage houses thus far, but we’re also starting to see more new marketplaces show up in the weekly sales report on DNJournal. January had some great sales with selling at NamesCon for $350,000. To go along with that, some ccTLD domains posted good numbers as well. Like selling for $52,000 through Tradera. Although I’m not affiliated with any of these sales, have a look at some of the top domain sales to hit the charts so far this month. You can see that sales have started off very active! – $375,000 – DomainNameSales – $300,000 – Sedo – $180,000 – DomainNameSales – $164,100 – DomainNameSales – $150,000 – Sedo – $140,000 – DomainNameSales – $95,000 – Sedo – $70,000 – DomainNameSales – $24,500 – Sedo – $17,100 – Sedo – $15,000 – Sedo – $11,400 – Sedo – $7,700 – Sedo – $7,500 – Sedo – $6,215 – Sedo – $5,990 – Sedo – $5,649 – Sedo

If you own domains that you aren’t using, it’s always good to park them with an auction house like Sedo because people who visit the domain can see that you’re selling it. Some people will choose to host the domains themselves to try and sell it without using a brokerage house, but there are two reasons I don’t recommend doing this. First, auction houses like Sedo provide Escrow which means your transaction will be 100% safe and secure. Also, auction houses will also show advertisements on your parked domain. You’ll earn extra money every time someone visits your domains and clicks on an ad. It might not seam like much, but with dozens of domains listed it can add up after a few months. Domain parking is a great way to put up a for sale sign, while earning revenue too!