New Version Released (v2.5)

New Version Released (v2.5)

All of our users are going to love some of the newest updates included within our latest update! These new features not only help to speed up your drop catching, it will also help connect everyone who has a thing for drop catching. Take a quick glance over the latest changes in DesktopCatcher.

Live Chat Room – The latest version of our software includes a Live Chat feature located under the Tools menu. Feel free to open the chat, get connected and begin conversations with other DesktopCatcher users. The chat room is open 24/7 and great conversation is always welcome!

Remove Successful Domains – You may have read about this new feature in our previous update (v2.4) about a month ago. Well, we’ve made some minor adjustments to this which will help improve the speed of removing successful domains so they aren’t checked by any registrar once successfully registered.

There are still more great features we’re working to finish up including support for other registrars and our WhoIs drop catcher which should both be completed and available very soon!

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