Discounted Reseller API Accounts

admin March 1, 2013News

We previously tried to offer free sub-reseller accounts from ResellerClub to all DesktopCatcher users. However, “sub-resellers” don’t have the ability to add funds into their account automatically. This is a bit of an issue as all resellers would need to deposit funds sooner or later if they want to try and catch domains. To replace that, we’ve worked out a nice deal with ResellerClub that will let you become a full Reseller of your own at a discounted price. Normally, users who signup with ResellerClub are required to make an initial deposit of $99. This deposit goes directly into your account and is used to cover domain registrations and all other web product purchases. By joining ResellerClub through our specific banner below, you’ll only be required to make an initial deposit of $60 – Saving you $39 on your initial deposit to get your ResellerClub account fully active and ready to go!