Two Updates in One Day

Two Updates in One Day

I’m always happy to post updates when new versions of our software get released. However, we don’t normally update the software this frequently! The past 48hrs have been pretty crazy and a ton of new coding has been put into the software. After the initial release of Version 3.7 on January 1st, a few big bugs were noticed and we felt they needed to be addressed immediately. We fixed the bugs and pushed a new resolution fairly quickly.

It wasn’t until hours after that when we finished incorporating the one-by-one feature into DynaDot. Once that was done and tested we felt it was a good idea to get this pushed out to customers as soon as possible. This has been highly requested and now users can chase domains one at a time using DynaDot. Aside from that, let me go ahead and throw out a list of all the updates made between version 3.8 and version 3.9 – Both released on the same date.

*One-by-One Feature Now Works with DynaDot
*Small Fixes Made to the GoDaddy Thread
*Small Fixes Made to the NameSilo One-by-One Feature

These changes should help everyone who uses DynaDot and NameSilo with the one-by-one feature enabled. Check out the latest update if you haven’t already and be sure to let us know how it works for you!

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