New Update Released (v4.5)

New Update Released (v4.5)

The month of May has brought some pretty big updates and changes within our domain drop catching software. There are some cool new features many of you may want start taking full advantage of. I’ll go over all the new updates below.

Fixed minor bug with the FR Extension and rrpProxy – There was a minor bug when it came to registering FR domains using rrpProxy. This has now been fixed and you should be able to drop catch .FR domains no problem now.

Added the AU Extension to rrpProxy – Users can now use rrpProxy to drop catch .COM.AU, .NET.AU, and .ORG.AU domains.

Added DE and AU Extensions to ResellerClub – Users can now use ResellerClub to drop catch .DE and .COM.AU, .NET.AU, and .ORG.AU domains.

Added Custom Pause time to ResellerClub – This feature helps those of you who want to run ResellerClub for extended periods of time. Instead of sending requests every 1-2 seconds you can adjust this to whatever you want. If you want to check domains every 3 minutes you would just set this to 180 (seconds).

Fixed minor bug with UK Extension and – There was previously a bug preventing the registration of .UK domains with the registrar. This has now been fixed and you can drop catch .CO.UK domains once you set the proper API settings for

Made Small Changes to GoDaddy threads – Made a few small adjustments to the GoDaddy threads which should help improve performance.

These new updates give the ccTLD guys more extensions to chase and more registrars to use for increased success. If there is anything you’d like to see added into the software just contact us and let us know. As always, check back to our blog soon for even more new updates and features in our domain drop catching software!

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