The OpenProvider API Drop Catcher

The OpenProvider API Drop Catcher inside of DesktopCatcher allows users to register expiring domains directly into their Open Provider account. It makes an excellent choice for those chasing a wide variety of extensions and our software is coded around the latest version of their API. We recommend all users consider setting up an account with this popular European domain registrar and run them along with some of the others in our software. DesktopCatcher will automatically try and register your desired domains directly into your OpenProvider account once they drop and become available for new registration. Getting your account setup with OpenProvider is a fairly quick and simple process and best of all, they support almost all extensions. With a minimum deposit of just $20USD it’s worth setting up an OpenProvider account and enabling them inside our software to increase your odds of catching even more domains. If you run into questions or need any help with setting up your OpenProvider account then contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help!

OpenProvider Drop Catching Extensions


OpenProvider One-by-One Feature

This unique feature takes your list of COM/NET domains and arranges them into their exact drop order. DesktopCatcher will take your domains and check them to see which one will drop first, second..etc. Once in order, this thread will put all of its focus on just one domain at a time. So, rather than cycling through your entire list of domains, it only tries to register the first domain which is suppose to drop. Once that domain has dropped and been registered (by you or someone else), it will then move onto the second domain, and so on. This increases your odds of catching more COM/NET domains because all focus is being put on one domain at a time!

OpenProvider Drop Catcher Limits

The OpenProvider API allows for one domain registration attempt to be sent every five seconds. DesktopCatcher will automatically attempt to register domains as quickly as possible.

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