There are two different ways you can begin using our software to drop catch expired domain names. Users have the option to either buy a lifetime licensed copy which they will pay for one time, or lease a copy which will be rented (not owned) and paid for on a month-to-month basis. Both options give you the same access to the same piece of software, but there are some minor differences. Read more about the two different options below and decide which is right for you!

API Domain Drop Catcher

Buy a Lifetime License – Buying your license is the recommended option because it gives you full access and ownership for the lifetime of our software. That means free updates, support and everything else! Although this option is more expensive, it’s a one time payment and users will also have the ability to move DesktopCatcher from one computer to another anytime. You will also receive a copy of our eBook: “The Ultimate Guide to DesktopCatcher.”

Lease a Monthly License – Leasing a copy of DesktopCatcher is slightly different than owning one. Those who choose to lease will not be able to download the software and run it from their own computer. Instead, DesktopCatcher will be pre-installed on a Windows virtual private server for you. You will have access to the virtual server and will be allowed to use it for the duration of your subscription (charged on a monthly basis). You will also receive support and updates for the length of your subscription, along with a copy of our eBook: “The Ultimate Guide to DesktopCatcher.”