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We all know that the number of domains deleting each day is well into the hundreds of thousands. I’ve decided to compile a short list of some great domains that are already expired and set to delete here in early January, 2014. Look through the list below and see some of the best domain names set to delete and become available for new registration again within the next few days. You can also purchase and use our software to automatically check these domains the day they delete and then register them the second they become available again. Don’t let the competition beat you – use our software and catch the names below plus many others!

Deleting on January 4th (Good PPC and Alexa Ranking) (Valid PR5) (Valid PR5) (Valid PR5) (Valid PR5) (Valid PR5) (2 Million Alexa) (4 Million Alexa) (5 Million Alexa)

Deleting on January 5th (1 Million Alexa) (1 Million Alexa) (6 Million Alexa – 315K Quantcast) (3 Million Alexa) (Valid PR1 – 13 Million Alexa) (Valid PR5) (Valid PR4) (Valid PR4) (10 Million Alexa – DMOZ Listed – 612k Quantcast) (20 Million Alexa)

Deleting on November 23rd (9 Million Alexa) (Valid PR5) (Valid PR4) (Valid PR4) (Valid PR4) (Valid PR4) (835k Alexa – High Backlinks) (1 Million Alexa) (2 Million Alexa) (2 Million Alexa)

If you couldn’t find any interesting domains in the lists above then don’t worry. One of the best things about expired domains is that there is a new list every single day! If you couldn’t find any expired domains above then just give it a couple days and look for more. You can search Google and find a number of free websites that offer daily lists of pending delete domains!

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