Setting Up the OpenProvider API

Setting Up the OpenProvider API

OpenProvider is another good option to choose when setting up DesktopCatcher. This registrar may not be the fastest out of the bunch, but it does support a wide variety of extensions and only requires a $20 minimum deposit to begin using the API. This short article will walk you through the quick and simple steps required to setting up your OpenProvider account inside the DesktopCatcher application. This API sends roughly 1 request every 5 seconds and only takes a few minutes to setup!

Step 1) To begin using the API you’ll need to setup an account with OpenProvider. They offer free registration which can be done on this page. Your account should be instantly setup.

Step 2) Once your account has been setup you will need to access the customer control panel. You’ll see a link to access this page while on the registration page, or you can access it directly here.

Step 3) After logging in you’ll need to add some funds into your account. You can do this by clicking the balance amount shown in the top right hand corner of the main customer account page. Otherwise, you should also see an “Increase Balance” button located on the main customer account page after logging in. Click either of these and deposit at least $20 which will be used to cover registration costs when successfully catching a name.

Step 4) Next you will need to grab your Handle ID and copy that since it will be needed when entering your API settings into DesktopCatcher. Click the Customer Management tab on the left hand side. Then, click the Customers overview sub-menu on the left hand side. Once this page loads scroll down and copy the ID listed under Handle. It should look something like AJ123456-US.

Step 5) Finally, you will want to verify that your account has API access enabled. If it does then at this point we can add our settings into the software and be ready to go. If it doesn’t, you may want to send OpenProvider an email requesting they enable API access for your account. To find out if your account has API access enabled click the Account tab on the left hand side, followed by Account overview in the sub-menu. Once this page loads scroll down and look for the API access column. If this says “Enabled” then you are ready to proceed to the final step below.

Step 6) Before we proceed with this step please make sure your password does not contain a pound (#) symbol. If it does, change it to something else that does not include this symbol. We’ve found this symbol creates issues with the API and it will not work if your password includes it. Next, launch the DesktopCatcher application and visit Settings – API Settings – OpenProvider – Key. Enter the username and password used for logging into your OpenProvider account along with the Handle you copied earlier in Step 4. Submit your details to save them in the software and you are all done.

That’s it! You’ve now finished setting up the OpenProvider API inside of DesktopCatcher and can run them at anytime. If you have any issues please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you further.

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