New Update Released (v2.4)

admin June 12, 2013Program Updates

The latest version of DesktopCatcher (2.4) has now been officially released and includes some pretty sweet updates. One of which a number of different customers have been requesting! Let’s get straight to the point and update you on the newest features.

Minor Update to GoDaddy(A) Thread – Made some adjustments to the GoDaddy(A) thread so it no longer throws false positives.
Share Successful – You will find this option under the Settings menu. By checking and enabling this option the domains you successfully catch will be automatically sent to our server and possibly featured under the “Recently Caught Domains” section of our website. We only share the domain name and registrar where it was successfully registered so the public can check out some of the great domains our users are drop catching!
Remove Successful from All Registrars – This feature has been requested a number of times and has been on the to-do list for a little while now. Previously, when a domain was successfully caught it would only be removed (and no longer checked) from the registrar that successfully caught it. Now, that domain will be automatically removed from all enabled registrars. This means if you have DynaDot, NameSilo and Fabulous all running at the same time and a domain is successfuly caught by NameSilo – it will no longer be checked by any of the three and not just the one that caught it (NameSilo in this instance).
Fixed Bug with BAK Files – Fixed an issue with the software creating BAK files.

We have some other great features on the way including our WhoIS drop catcher and a Live Chat room. Secure your copy of DesktopCatcher before the price goes up and enjoy free updates for life!

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3 thoughts on “New Update Released (v2.4)

  1. hi

    I am interested in your catcher but you can add support for other api registrars..internetx or hexonet

    I have no problem paying $xxx for this custom work

    let me know if possible

    best regards

    1. Hey Michael, we could look at getting internetX or Hexonet added fairly quickly. Do you have test accounts at either of the two? Send us an email and address it to Andrew. I can discuss this a little bit further with you. Thanks!

      1. hi I have accounts on these regitrars but they allow you to create test accounts easily without deposits

        I’m still looking for a dropcapcher that support hexonet-internetx API.

        you could add support for those registrars to your capcher as custom work┬┐┬┐ if possible could you send me your quote.

        Attempt to contact you via facebook and email on whois but received no response

        please send me your reply to mail that I used to leave this message

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