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The RRPproxy API Drop Catcher is coded around the latest version of the RRPproxy API. This feature can be used to drop catch expired domain names directly into your RRPproxy account. This registrar is a great option for drop catching and we recommend everyone use them, but only if you have a registered business (they only accept registered businesses – no individuals). You can get started using the API with a relatively small deposit, the speed is good, and the limits are pretty standard at one call per second. The biggest downside to RRPproxy is getting your account initially setup. You will need to submit an application which will then need to be reviewed by their team. Make sure to include that you plan on using their API! After that, you’ll need to complete some other forms including a Reseller Agreement.



RRPproxy One-by-One Feature

This unique feature takes your list of COM/NET domains and arranges them into their exact drop order. DesktopCatcher will take your domains and check them to see which one will drop first, second..etc. Once in order, this thread will put all of its focus on just one domain at a time. So, rather than cycling through your entire list of domains, it only tries to register the first domain which is suppose to drop. Once that domain has dropped and been registered (by you or someone else), it will then move onto the second domain, and so on. This increases your odds of catching more COM/NET domains because all focus is being put on one domain at a time!

RRPproxy Drop Catcher Limits

The RRPproxy APi is a great choice because they don’t have a limit on the number of requests you can send each day. The only limit RRPproxy has in place is that you can only send one domain per request and one request per second.

RRPproxy Drop Catching Extensions

AM – COM.AU – NET.AU – ORG.AU – ID.AU – BI – CH – BIZ – CM – COM – EC – IM – IN – DE – FR – COM.FR – INFO – JP – ME – NL – MOBI – NET – ORG – PH – PL – SE – RO – WS – CX – GS – HT – TL – PE